Glamour sweater (english)

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Difficulty level 3 out of 5
-read about difficulties here

The glamor sweater is a warm oversize sweater with a nice fit around the neck. It is medium hard to knit and if this is your first knitting with cables, you will find help for this in the pattern in several ways. The pattern is described both with and without diagram but also with and without a cable needle. So no matter how you prefer your cables is described, you will find the method in the pattern. In addition, there is also a video link for the entire pattern.
It is knitted in around top-down, dec metheod is made as a raglan sweater.

It has a double neckline and som width sleeves, and then it can easily replace a jacket during the transition periods, depending on the choice of yarn.

If you want a smaller sweater that is more snug (like the red one in the pictures), you can choose a size smaller than what your breast size says. The sweater is a warm and heavy sweater, but if you choose yarn alternative 3. and a smaller size, you will get a lighter but still warm sweater. The original yarn is thick, heavy and perfect for outdoor use with a thin blouse underneath.

The yarn alternatives will not unfold in the same way as the original yarn composition (the brown one) and will also give you a more snug-fitting sweater. Get a feel for this when you make your knitting sample.

I have breast size of 88cm. The brown is knitted in the yarns below in Size. S. The red one is knitted in yarn alternative 3. in size XS

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL
Brest width: 98, 105, 111, 117, 123, 135 and 142 cm.
Your Chest Width: 80-85, 85-90, 90-95, 95-100, 100-110, 110-120 and 120-130 cm.
Length 50, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59 and 59 cm. Measured without neckline.

Knitting gauge: 13 sts x 19 rows in double rib pattern (k2, p2) on needle size 7 mm = 10 x 10cm (after washing)

NOTE! Always remember to make a knitting sample. The sample must also fit in height, as otherwise the pattern will not start and end symmetrically. It is also important that the sample is washed and blocked, as otherwise the rib pattern will not unfold and give the correct picture of the knitting strength.

Yarn: (Knit with 3 threads)
Peruvian highland wool from Filcolana: 400 (400) 400 (450) 500 (550) 600 grams
Tilia from Filcolana: 100 (100) 100 (125) 125 (125) 150 grams

Arwetta from Filcolana: 200 (200) 200 (250) 250 (250) 300 grams

Other yarn options:

3 threads Saga, 1 thread Tilia and 1 thread Arwetta from Filcolana (5 threads)
2 threads Indiecita, 1 thread Tilia and 1 thread Arwetta from Filcolana (4 threads)
2 threads Arwetta, 1 thread Tilia and 1 thread Paia from Filcolana (4 threads)

You will need approx. 800 (800) 800 (900) 1000 (1100) 1200 meters of each thread, no matter what threads you put together.

Round needle size 7 mm and 6 mm length 40-80 cm
Cable needle.




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