Braid sleeve sweater (english)

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Braid sleeve sweater is a 3/4 sleeve mohair sweater perfect for cool summer days or transition time. Of course, it can also be used in the winter season, depending on how litter-cut you are.

It’s knitted from the top down. The neck is shaped with short rows at the same time as the cable pattern over the shoulders, the pattern continues down the sleeve and finishes before the rib edge of the forearm.

The pattern is described both with and without shape design. With shape design, you get a tight-fitting sweater using short rows that highlight the chest. Around the abdomen extra space can be made, which is ideal if you have little you want to hide. Without shape design, you get a classic raglan sweater with short rows over your neck.

For the sweater to fit snugly around the chest, you should choose your size based on your dimensions under your chest and not on your normal size or breast width. The sweater has a tight fit with ease of 7-9cm.

Techniques used:

  • Italian co. Can be excluded.
  • Twisted rib.
  • Increases, both to the right and to the left.
  • Short rows for both neck, and chest incisions.
  • Collecting sts for under the sleeve.
  • Cables over 6sts to the right and to the left.
  • Italian closure. Can be omitted.


Size A (B) C (D) E (F) G (H)

Your width under your breast: 73 (79) 82 (88) 96 (105) 119 (133) cm

Sweater’s width: 82 (88) 93 (99) 107 (118) 132 (146) cm

To knit without breast incisions, use the following measurements:

Your breast width: 75 (81) 85 (91) 99 (109)123 (137)cm

Knitting gauge

With 2 threads

17m on stick 4.5mm in smooth knit = 10cm

21m on stick 3mm in twisted rib (1dr, 1dr vr) = 10cm

Yarn and consumption:

Kid seta from Gepard yarn (25g/210m)

175 (175) 200 (200) 225 (250) 275 (300) grams

Yarn quantity may vary depending on alignment. Most stores take back unused balls if you have yarn in excess. The whole work is knitted in 2 strands.

Photo Credits: @ingridbergh02, @sofieroedkjar and @kreaknit


Circular needle 4,5 mm length 40 – 80 cm.

Circular needle 3 mm length 40 cm.

Double pointed needles 3 mm – alternatively you can use magic loop.

10 markers and 2 stitch holders, wire or residual yarn, 1 cable needle.



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